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AVB 2014-2015


We are currently still looking to fill a couple of positions on on our Boys team!

Email Sean@allegiancevolleyball.com for more information


Make Up Try outs:

You can register for individual try outs

by emailing or calling Coach Sean -

Sean@allegiancevolleyball.com / (903)-314-1154

Information to include in the email: Name, Age, Position



Welcome to Allegiance Volleyball

Allegiance Volleyball is a Junior Olympic program that is dedicated to enhancing Houston area volleyball athletes abilities to further their career at the high school or collegiate levels.

Club Mission

Provide an affordable volleyball club for students in the Houston/ Woodlands area, with limited practice and travel. Provide a positive volleyball environment in which players receive opportunities to experience repetitions in game-like situations through tournaments and/or practice.


Playing volleyball for Allegiance requires a commitment to the game, self-development, teamwork, and respect for others. Participation on an Allegiance team requires time and effort. Allegiance is committed to a strong work ethic and the rewards it can reap. Our goal is to form athletes into volleyball players through hard work, discipline, commitment and encouragement.

Program Goals

To develop in the athlete a positive attitude toward the club, teammates, coaches, opponents, referees and parents; win or lose. To teach the athlete that winning is learning how to set realistic goals and striving to achieve these goals, both in practice and in competition. To teach the athlete respect for themselves and teammates in regards to their potential ability as well as achieved abilities. To teach the athlete that great teams must overcome adversity and that where there is adversity, there is opportunity.

Volleyball Training

The purpose of the Allegiance training program is to provide quality training in all aspects of the game. Among other things, the training program includes jump training, quickness and agility training, volleyball fundamentals, and team tactics, accomplished through drills, scrimmages, and competitions. The program is committed to treating all athletes fairly, and giving each individual an opportunity to improve the many skills associated with this exciting, demanding, and rapidly changing sport. For a program of this stature to be successful, the team rules as well as policies discussed in this handbook must be followed and enforced.

Contact Information

Our Facilities
26797 Hanna Rd Bldg #3
Oak Ridge North, Texas 77385

Direct Lines to Our Staff
(817) 689-9105 - Coach Jenn
(903) 314-1154 - Coach Sean

Email Us
Coach Sean
Coach Jenn
Club Email:
info@allegiancevolleyball.com or

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